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When it comes to creating custom woodworking products with epoxy, choosing the right colors is a crucial step in achieving the desired aesthetic and style. The choice of colors can set the mood and tone of your piece, from earthy and rustic to vibrant and modern. Consider your design vision, the surrounding décor, and personal preferences when selecting custom epoxy colors. The right combination can transform your woodworking creation into a true work of art, making it an eye-catching centerpiece that reflects your unique style and creativity. With a wide range of epoxy pigments and dyes available, the only limit is your imagination.

Custom Tables

Handcrafted Custom

Tables • Furniture • Gifts • Logo'd Items • Charcuterie Boards

Looking for a homemade crafted table for the family room, dining room, or some new end tables, let’s chat. We have an array of design ideas and options to bring your room to life.

How it Works


Share Your Vision: Let me in on your creative vision and the practical requirements of your space. I'll delve into details such as measurements, material choices, and your product preferences.

Tailored Quote, Convenient Payment: Following my in-depth consultation, I'll provide you with a personalized quote that breaks down the costs.


Collaborative Design Journey: I'm your creative partner every step of the way. You'll have the opportunity to review design drawings and provide your valuable feedback. Once I've fine-tuned the design to your satisfaction, I'll get to work on bringing your piece to life!


Your Custom Creation, Expertly Packaged: I'll take meticulous care in packaging your custom piece, including clear and comprehensive hardware instructions to guarantee a seamless assembly. Should you require any assistance, I'm readily available to provide the support you need. Your satisfaction is my priority!




Since early childhood, I spent countless hours in the garage, learning and developing patience, problem solving and appreciation of seeing something created with your own two hands. WoodGlitter came about, as my dad would use the term to refer to sawdust, often referred to as ManGlitter, but changing it to something I could be a part of and inclusive. I believe that every slab of wood tells a story, and work hard to enhance and share that beauty with others. Whether it's epoxy charcuterie boards, end tables or dining room tables, or live edge natural wood finishes, each piece requires time, patience, and dedication to quality.


WoodGlitter believes in using ethically and sustainable materials through urban planning development management, or certified exotic wood imports, and using other small business partners to support our local community.


Come join us in getting messy, and creating beauty!


Shallan Garrett, Owner, Wood Glitter




High Quality


 Crafting Unique Wood & Epoxy Designs

Get Messy, Create Beauty

Alexa Young, CA

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Morgan James, NY

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Product Maintenance

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your wood products is essential to ensure they stand the test of time. Proper maintenance is the key to preserving their natural allure.

General Maintenance

all products

Products are not dishwasher safe and should be cared for with warm water to clean, and a light soap when needed. Wooden materials can be maintained with Board Conditioner (available under our products page). Use Board conditioner for any wooden products to gain additional shine and penetration into the wood after several uses.

Epoxy Resin Products

Do not use as a cutting board surface, as this will damage the product.

Epoxy is a plastic product, and cannot tolerate high heat. Please do not place any direct heat onto the epoxy work.

Small Trays and Trinket Holders

You may use furniture polish on cleaning/general dusting of these pieces. It's ideal to use a wooden furniture polish, such as Old English, for best maintenance but Pledge may be used, though can slowly remove the oiled finish. Simply use board conditioner twice a year to help maintain luster and quality.






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